SJASONR is me, Steven Jason Rodriguez. 
Due to what my parents like to call a "clerical error", I was called Jason my entire life—thus the emphasis in the domain name. I will also accept Steven (though I may cringe) and Mr. Rodriguez, though I may hesitate to respond, waiting for my Dad to answer.
I've been a designer/art director for 8 years and counting. My design philosophy is to keep the visuals clean, to the point and engaging but never distracting. I view art and design as separate worlds that, if you're lucky, can intersect. Good design does not make good art and vice versa.
In my downtime I like doing these things in no particular order: screenwriting, film, guitar, cooking (not baking) and drawing. I live in central New Jersey with my wife and my two-year-old son and every winter I contemplate the virtues of life in San Diego.